Green Training USA - Testimonial by Tim Jones

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My name is Tim Jones. Our company is Glory Energy Solutions. I'm a licensed contractor in Maryland and we have an energy efficiency contracting business. We service mid Maryland. We have been certified through VPI for three and a half, close to four years and it was time for recertification, which is why I'm going through this process again and have chosen Green Training USA. I needed something that was convenient, something that was timely and worked with my schedule and others were not as synced with my schedule. Well, my experience has been great. From the very beginning from the initial contact, which was by email, all the way through making arrangements for registration, payment, people at the office of Green Training USA to the point of training and now to the point of exam and field training. It's been exemplary. I have nothing but high regard for the entire organization. Based on my experiences here I am going to direct others. We have others on staff who in short order will require recertification, too. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to direct them to the same organization that has serviced me and, so far, my company very well.

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