Green Training USA - Testimonial by Mark Brescia

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Hi, I'm Mark Brescia with Green Market Solutions. We chose Green Training USA to help us hire and train several new VPS certified energy auditors with billing envelope and analyst combined. We had a very rigorous time frame as we were experiencing rapid expansion.

We choose Green Training USA to quickly staff up. We had a backlog of customers seeking VPS certified home energy audits and our auditors on staff were not able to handle the volume of work and we choose Green Training USA to bring on a work force equivalent to 25 percent of our existing staff. We had a great experience working with Green Training USA's customer service. And anything that we really needed, any questions that needed to get answered with paperwork and quick access to the online training, materials got sent very quickly. It was very important for us to get up and running right away and the customer service at Green Training USA was exceptional in getting all materials and information and paperwork done in a very quick and timely matter.

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