Green Training USA - Testimonial by Buck Thompson (BPI Training)

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My name is Buck Thompson. I work for Baltimore County. I took BPI training with Green Training USA. The training was informative. It was easy to understand. My teacher, Shane, very knowledgeable individual, relayed the information very well. Well, the training itself was very informative and it was fun at times. You know, at some trainings it can be very dull and boring, this one actually kept my interest, which actually made me learn the material better. I'll know the material from some time to come. But we looked at a bunch of different training organizations, but this one with the online flexibility, plus they do onsite training, they do hands on. All the information is right there for you to access. Plus the fact that if you ever had a question the instructors, the people running the program from the administration side, all had answers. The answers came quick and they came descriptive.

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