Green Training USA - Testimonial by Mike Hartman

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My name is Mike Hartman, president and owner of Thomas E Clark Plumbing Heating and Conditioning. We've been in business for 120 years. Family owned and operated since 1891.

The flexibility was the most important thing for me because we can do the training whenever we had the time. We could start and stop and come back to it. We didn't have to sit in the class for a full day. And not only the flexibility, but the high quality of it. The fact that you can go in and you have video training where you have a person there explaining things to you, you're not just reading and they have examples.

I'm a see, feel, touch guy. I need to do it. You can explain something to me, but I will learn it a lot faster if I got hands on or if I'm watching somebody do it. I think that's how you learn a lot faster. The experience with the instructors was fantastic. He went step by step very carefully. Did not make assumptions that we knew more than we did. He would go that extra step to make sure we understood everything that he was talking about. The fact that our trainer does this work for a living and has experience doing this work made a huge difference for us because he gave us real world scenarios and examples of jobs that he's gone across and things that he have found in the past.

You kind of store those in the back of your mind for future reference because you may be running crossing that when you're doing your testing and your repairs. Everything in our industry is heading towards energy efficiency and we have always tried to provide our customers with more energy efficiency options.

This kind of completes the puzzle for us because now we can take the whole structure of the house into consideration when talking about energy efficiency. So it was a natural fit for us. It was a natural step for us to take to become a more complete contractor. We don't have to refer another contractor to do these types of things that we learned from the Green energy training.

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