Green Training USA - Testimonial by Michael Gaffney

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My name is Michael Gaffney I'm with Everon Power. A company I founded with my sister recently. My former trade is more or less dried up because of the economy and I was looking for a new career that would mean something to me and, hopefully, to the people I was servicing and to, frankly, the county. I think that energy conservation and efficiency fits into that mold.

The online training does take a little bit of a different mindset, but the idea that you can self-pace and go back for reviewing things that you don't initially understand I think it's more than adequate as a training vehicle.

The webinar was helpful because there were other students that brought up questions that I perhaps didn't think of until they broached them. The instructors were very knowledgeable and they obviously showed that they have some experience in doing this in the field. I think that that's valuable because they can bring the real world experience to the classroom.

I can say that as I've gone to the training, I've gotten a much better appreciation for what this program can offer to the homeowner and actually provide as a business for entrepreneurs and anybody looking for a job. I think that it's a respectable profession. I think it's going to do good for the people who buy the service, the people that provide the service are going to feel good about what they're doing and eventually is going to be better for our country.

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