Green Training USA - Testimonial by Rosie Trevant

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My name is Rosie Trevant and I have a job in public health. I serve public health in environmental health actually with a focus on water and sanitation. Went to maternity leave and decided that I was going to go back to my first love, which is the environment. I even had an at my house because my energy bill was so high and I've said I got to do something.

I went on and tried my own caulking and all of that good stuff but it still wasn't good enough. And when I saw the people at my house doing this I said, "This is it. This is what I'm going to focus on." And so this is how I came across enrolling in this, perusing getting to class and then I got into the training and realized that, wow, this would be so much fun doing it even in person. When I knew I was going to do this field training, practicing doing the actual audit. That was really exciting

Came to class and our instructor had a wonderful summery and a job aid for us that sort of this so much more user friendly and I really got into it. I'm very thankful to the instructor for helping us understand better and using the job aid. And, also, he has been very friendly and make it very comfortable for us and making it with fun, actually. That's the part of it that I like.

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