Green Training USA - Testimonial by Nick Neboshynsky

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My name is Nick Neboshynsky with Improvement Zone. We've had many customers requesting the ability to go into a house, do a blower door test, so that they can receive tax credits or incentives to their utility company. And after enough requests, we finally decided that this is something that's up and coming and we wanted to get on the bandwagon before we were playing catch-up.

We researched all the online associations that we could easily find that fit schedules and workloads, etc., etc., and we choose Green Training because of the professionalism proximity and the way they structure their course. It worked the best for our company.

The online course is just about the easiest course that I've done in terms of the way it's set up. I learn best early in the morning. So I would get up 3:30, 4:00 in the morning, do my studying, do my book work and then work a regular day. I didn't have to meet another five or ten people in a classroom when I'm exhausted at the end of the day and I could also go at my own pace.

I need to get up and make coffee, get up cause my kids get up, I can just stop the video. I don't miss anything. If I need clarification, rewind a minute or two and everything is all presented again. The field day was, again, very well run. Everybody got there on time and it went through a logical order of events exactly as you would do at home field evaluation. And the questions were answered at the time that it was appropriate. The answers were professional. And the proctor was very well spoken and really knew the material inside and out. You can ask him a question on anything and he didn't have to check any references, he knew the answer and that gives you confidence in your training company.

Green Training has done a great job with follow-up emails, updates, rule changes, etc., etc., that help me feel like I really am at the forefront of this field. I'm not playing catch-up. I would definitely choose Green Training for my next course or any course that they offer. The people who run it are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional to make the training process and the learning process very simple. Everything's straight forward. Everything's well planned and organized. And based on my experience for the course that I'm taking, I would not even look elsewhere.

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