Green Training USA - Testimonial by John Simpson

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My name is John Simpson. I own Paragon Homes. I'm very surprised how much I learned and I would recommend this course to anybody who's seeking to learn more about energy sealing, air tightness, CAZ training. Any of the home inspection avenues that are opened to you can be achieved through Green Training. There's no comparison.

Having attended many structure classes and all online trainings, I much prefer all online trainings because of the convenience factor. If you're very, very busy the last thing you want to do is spend a half hour or 45 minutes driving to a class and then turn around and drive back after a full day of work. If you're training online, you can turn that drive time into study time and continue to be productive in your ordinary day job.

I would actually recommend Green Training and expect to send some of our other employees to get certified, as well. It will work well with their situations. Not having to send them out and loose days at work. They can still work and go home at night and train.

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