Green Training USA - Testimonial by John Faulkner

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My name's John Faulkner. I'm just retired recently from the fire department and I'm just interested today in getting into a field that I thought had a bright future. I had gone to a couple of websites and for whatever reason it wasn't successful and I think Green Training was the third one I went to and gotten a lot of help from the lady there. And she encouraged me that it was something that she thought I could do and be successful at. So I went to Green Training.

I like the online training for the reason that you could revisit the quizzes and the exams and use them as an overall review and in the end it helped me with taking the exams. The list and the job aids that were conveyed to us during a class I think will really assist me when I start out at the field as far as step by step process I feel like I can handle it.

Well, I just think it's a great opportunity for anyone. I think of myself with the unemployment rate and everything where people are crying for jobs. That if I can go out and get into a new field then I think anybody could do it. And I thought the training was excellent. And my objective was because I had spoke to somebody before taking the class was to obtain certification. So my goal originally is to obtain a certification and then hopefully gain employment

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