Green Training USA - Testimonial by Matt McDaniel

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My name is Matt McDaniel and I'm with Alban Eco Solutions. This go at your own pace online setup, I really think it's the wave of the future, if you ask me. I have a four year Bachelor's degree from a college institution.

To be quite frank with you, I was a little nervous taking these courses. There were several hours involved. To be able to go at your own pace, to push pause, or push stop when you get tired or you have one of your children requiring your time, you can push pause and pick it right back up.

They have a practice quiz after every course that you take, which is very beneficial. When the whole course is complete, you have an entire practice exam. They're very thorough in their training. If you miss questions you can go back and see why you missed them and get the correct answers. It's a really conducive model for studying and learning the necessary things that you need to pass the exams.

The gentleman that provided the training was very knowledgeable. He's been in the field for several years. He made us feel at ease. He knows what he's talking about. He also related it to real life situations, real houses that he's been in.

The Green Training USA course has been wonderful. It fits very well into a single father and a working man's schedule. I could set my own pace, set my own hours. Everything was online. It was very thoroughly presented. I took all the necessary courses, the practice exams, the webinars. There were just a ton of resources available to the candidate. It was a real good experience

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