My experience with the BPI Energy Modeling course was great! The material was presented in an easy to digest manner with the instructor being very easy to understand. The course syllabus was spaced out in a way that made sense and each subject went into an appropriate amount of detail given the time. The quizzes at the end of each section were challenging and I definitely feel like I came away from the course knowing a lot more about home energy modeling.

Pedro Alberni

The process is very simple and convenient. I simply enrolled and within a day had my 16 credit hours. I would highly recommend anyone seeking Nate recertification to pursue this program. Definite five star review.

Justin Wheetley
Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling

Yeah, that was easy to get the classes and it was fun during the classes with great instructor. I will try share with my friends when ever I get chance. And email/call you if need more courses.

Gopal Rai

I am a Senior Project Manager who conducts Phase I Environmental Assessments and recently completed the GreenTraining USA Radon Measurement Certification on-line course. The on-line training course was easy to navigate, user friendly and provided the information I needed to pass the NRPP certification test. What I liked most about the program is that it is on-line, so I could watch the course sessions (prerecorded) as many times as I needed, and whenever I wanted. I was also able to take the practice tests numerous times. The on-line instructor explained the information clearly and succinctly. I would highly recommend taking the GreenTraining USA Radon Measurement Certification on-line course to prepare you for the NRPP certification test. Not only did I learn more about radon, but I was prepared for the NRPP test.

Brandy Groves
Senior Project Manager, Blackstone Consulting LLC, A Rimkus Company

I just completed the Water Damage Restoration Technician course.  I was taking this course to renew my IICRC license.  It was easy to navigate and easy to complete.  I was able to listen and follow along with the instructor easily and feel like I learned a good deal along the way.  Each course was short enough to get a few in here and there and not feel overwhelmed with the time commitment of having to do it all at once.  I would recommend this course to others.

Erin Spalding
MAPFRE Insurance

I took the courses in 2021 and has assisted in practical and theoretical online training. I will be taking the courses again towards my CEM recertification. It has flexible hours, learning at my own speed, affordable and assists in career progression. Important point is the instructors are experienced and available to  answer specific questions.The customer service was quick and hassle free. I recommended the Green training to my friends. The recertification has assisted in landing job in my field and progressing well.

Tushar Pradhan
Manager, Building Shift Operations, University of Toronto

I just completed ASHRAE 62.2 Residential Ventilation Assessment course for my PHIUS requirements. The course was easy to follow and understand.  The video touched on most relevant issues related home owner use of today's mechanically serviced air systems for heating and cooling of your new house.  I know I have not memorized the formulas and did not think that was necessary as they gave you the answers as you went through the course.  I felt I understood where all the values were coming from as I finished the course on my smart phone.  I would recommend this course to my colleagues.

Thomas Meehan
Architect, owner, Thomas Meehan Architect

The flexibility and ease of Green Training USA was fantastic.  This made getting my CEUs for my BPI certification simple and manageable.  The study guides were beneficial, and the practice exam was helpful.  I found the course material to be valuable and effective in keeping me up to date with the information.  The fact that I could take my test online when I felt ready alleviated a lot of stress.  The customer service was supportive, and my credits showed up on the portal in a timely manner.  All in all, I am very pleased with my experience.

Kevin Carpenter
Energy Advisor, Tipmont REMC

I thought the training was thorough and well taught. I do not believe I could have passed the exam without such a good course. I would recommend this course for anyone starting out in the energy audit field.

House Detectives, BPI Certification Graduate

At the end of each module, each class, there were tests. So it really reinforced the material and prepared us. Our knowledge of the work and the type of questions Green Training USA asked us were similar to what was on the actual test. The thing also that is just awesome is once you receive the training, there's also a team, so it really brings everything together. It makes it make sense.

Long Engineering, BPI Certification Graduate

My teacher was very knowledgeable and relayed the information very well. At some trainings it can be very dull and boring, but this one kept my interest, which made me learn the material better. I'll know the material from some time to come. We looked at a bunch of different training organizations, but this one with the online flexibility, plus they do onsite hands-on training… And if you ever had a question the instructors had answers. The answers came quick and they were descriptive.

Baltimore County Employee, BPI Certification Graduate

As business owners, we don't have the time to sit in a class for three to four to eight hours every day…and… run our business. The course was self-paced, and because it was online, we were able to complete the curriculum in enough time and with enough understanding that we passed our test the first time. That was good!

Long Engineering, BPI Certification Graduate

Our instructor did an excellent job of providing us with the materials before and during class. He answered all the questions we needed. In fact, everybody in our class passed. We had four of us in the class and we all did pretty good and had a really good working relationship… I enjoyed the class quite a bit. Thank you.

Building Scientist, RESNET HERS Certified Graduate

My instructor is one of the best instructors…better than some of my college instructors. I really like Green Training USA. The curriculum is great. I can't wait to learn more with the company and become an energy auditor.

Private Contractor, BPI Weatherization Graduate

I like the online training because you could revisit the quizzes and the exams and use them as an overall review and in the end it helped me with taking the exams. The checklist and the job aids that were provided to us during the class I think will really assist me when I start out in the field, as a step by step process. I feel like I can handle it.

BPI Certification Graduate

I just took the Green Training USA class in Rochester, New York. I had a great experience. Good bunch of guys, great instructor, learned a lot. I had some construction experience, but this definitely helped top it off. Look forward to starting my work as a HERS Rater. Real excited about it. Looking forward to taking some additional classes as well.

Private Contractor, RESNET HERS Certified Graduate