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The name of our company is Long Engineering and this is my partner, Kalin Williams. We've been in business a little bit over two years. However, I've been in business for about 12.

It was a good thing that it was online training, because of the fact that as business owners, we don't have the time to sit in a class for three to four to eight hours every day and try to run our business.

So, since it was self-paced, because it was online, we were able to complete the curriculum in enough time and with enough understanding that we passed our test the first time. That was good.

Kalin: Yeah, and also at the end of each module, each class, there were tests. So it really reinforced...

Shepherd: Prepared us.

Kalin: ...our knowledge of the work and the type of questions that they asked us were similar to that, which was on the actual test.

Shepherd: There have been so many times over the years, I've been doing this business for 30 some odd years, I worked first in my father's shop, Long Heating and Air Conditioning and there have always been homes that we would go to and we would tell the people, "Well, you need more return. You need more supply," and they would not understand what we were talking about. "Mr. Long, my bedroom is always hot," and we'd go there and say, "Well, your machine is working fine. It's working excellent."

So this gives us another tool to help the homeowner. We're always looking for ways to improve what we do, and we're always looking for new products that can boost our sales. This was a wonderful, wonderful opportunity for us, and it's been well worth it and very much in-depth. I liked everything about this.

Interviewer: Great.

Kalin: The thing also that is just awesome is once you receive the training, there's also a team. So, that second part of it really brings everything together. It makes it make sense so you're not just learning this like, "Okay, good luck."

If your flow is too low, put a ring on it. If your flow is too low, put a ring on. Hey! Put a ring on it. Too low, put a ring on it.

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I have taken the RESNET Level I and II Home Energy Survey Professional and the BPI Building Analyst I Training with Dallas Jones of Green Training USA. My training experience was exceptional. Dallas brings both his knowledge of home energy and his field experience into the classroom and presents it in an organized, easy to follow manner. The field demonstrations of the diagnostic equipment and techniques presented by Dallas provided me with a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend Dallas Jones and Green Training USA to anyone who is considering training in the home energy field.

Ryan Hinch
Energy Raters of East Texas, LLC.

Great Class! Great Instructor! Top Notch! I’ve gone through a lot of classes in my 20 plus years; yours is among the best.

Gordon Fox
Fox Inspection Group
Houston, TX

I thought the training was thorough and well taught. I do not believe I could have passed the exam without such a good course. I would recommend this course for anyone starting out in the Energy Audit field.

Terry Wigfield
House Detectives
Hagerstown, MD

Green Training USA provided me with the basic knowledge and hands-on skills to start doing home energy audits immediately. The instructor was focused on the required training content and was also very responsive to questions from the participants. He was able to answer both practical and technical questions and blend them into the general discussion. The test preparation materials were very good and I had no problem passing the RESNET Level II Exam. Overall I am very happy with the course and the results.

Steve Gorman
Mason-Dixon Home Inspection Services
Gettysburg, PA

I would like to salute Green Training USA on the excellent quality of your BPI training course. The instructor, Dallas Jones, was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and presented the material in an efficient and interesting manner. The course materials were professionally prepared and very helpful. I look forward to working with Green Training USA in the future and I will attend future training programs.

Bob Blanchfield
Building Inspection Service
Easton, PA

Since Todd’s staff took Green Training USA's training and become BPI and RESNET certified, we have experienced an increase in pride in ourselves and our customers. Our BPI and RESNET certified technicians carry and share their expertise proudly. Our customers trust that expertise and easily welcome our “experts” into their homes. We have had local news recognize us as the experts, also. It is extremely rewarding as our customers call us after completing the work in their homes to thank us for finally being comfortable. The word is spreading fast that we are the experts in comfort. On top of all of this we are experiencing a growing customer base and revenue. Becoming BPI and RESNET certified and partnering with Home Energy Team was, by far, the best business decision we could have made. Now we are not just a “heating & cooling company,” but we are becoming known as the “Experts in Home Comfort".

Michael Murphysweet
Todds Heating and Cooling
Boise, ID

By taking the BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Combined Course through Green Training USA, I was able to save money on the course and exam fees. And, since I completed their self-paced online study prior to taking their hands-on site training, I was only away from my business for a few days. Now I’m going to get both certifications sooner and be eligible for more government/utility programs a lot earlier than if I had taken the classes separately. Many thanks to the team at Green Training USA.

Matt Sera
Atlas Home Energy Solutions

I really liked the course and will definitely consider more training from your company. I liked Dallas's presentational style, and he changed his shirt for each segment! Makes him look like a real person. I've seen some pretty deadly (boring) energy videos through the years but this training kept me engaged and I learned a lot!

Steve Getz
Northwest Colorado Council of Governments
Silverthorne, CO