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Basic Energy Evaluations of Homes

Suggested Training:

Comprehensive / Diagnostic Energy Audits

Suggested Training:

  • and provide work scope recommendations.


  • BPI Building Analyst & Envelope COMBO Training Course

    Adding the Building Envelope Training & Certification course offers a more comprehensive understanding of problems related to the building shell such as moisture, ice dams, mildew and drafts. Save $600 versus purchasing the courses separately.


Be a Commercial Energy Auditor

Add Infrared (IR) Thermography to My Services

See inside walls to locate missing or inadequate insulation, air leaks, water leaks and excess moisture, locations of heat loss,  etc.

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Be a Weatherization Contractor

Add Mold Inspection or Remediation to My Services

Add Radon Measurement and / or Mitigation to My Services

Get My IECC Inspector Certification

Be qualified to perform inspections on residential and commercial structures and their plan analysis in order to insure the structures comply with the code.

Suggested Training:

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