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Get Certified for Weatherization Work

Get My RESNET EnergySmart Contractor Certification

Join RESNET EnergySmart Home Performance Teams

Work with energy auditors to improve your customers’ energy efficiency. Get high quality referrals from auditors/RESNET HERS Raters on your Team(s).

Separate Your Company from Competitors

..with an energy efficiency designation and basic training.


Suggested Training:

Do Basic Energy Evaluations of Customer Homes

You can charge for these evaluations or use them as a foot-in-the-door to pitch your contracting work.

Suggested Training:


Do Comprehensive / Diagnostic Energy Audits

Suggested Training:

  • , which qualifies your company for various incentive programs.
    • Save $600 versus purchasing the courses separately.

Do Energy Ratings of a Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy ratings are commonly used as verification methods for programs such as Energy Star, LEED® for Homes, and various regional programs.

Suggested Training:

Design Energy Efficient Housing

Work with Builders, Architects & Remodelers to Design Energy Efficient Housing

Suggested Training:

Get My LEED® Green Associate Certification

Suggested Training:

Get My IECC Certification

Get Solar Certification

Speak to a Course Advisor

Our Course Advisors will help you find the right course, and check if there's any government funding that will pay for some or all of your tuition costs.