Why Get Your EnergySmart Contractor Designation?

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Dallas Jones: Hi. I'm Dallas Jones with Green Training USA and I'm here with Steve Baden, the Executive Director of RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network. Steve, take a minute and tell me why someone would want to become a RESNET EnergySmart contractor?

Steve Baden: Increasingly, homeowners are having their homes energy rated or energy inspected and finding out ways they can improve their initial performance of their homes and their looking for contractors that they can trust that know what the energy audit recommended and the measures that can be done and how what they do fits in with the whole performance of the home and, that's what an EnergySmart contractor it is.

We don't go and try to tell them how to do their job, but we just ask them instead to have a bigger picture of how that home operates as a system, what is an energy audit report did you get and how do you work with that and then how you can work with others on coming up with comprehensive solutions to their problems.

So, what this does is it is a fairly short training, but it's not one of these week long marathons. But it's the ability just to get the basic fundamentals of how you do your job as a contractor, making energy upgrades to the home and then how does that fit in with the recommendations with the home energy rater.

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