Why Become a RESNET HESP?

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Dallas Jones: Hi. I'm Dallas Jones with Green Training USA and I'm sitting here with Steve Baden, the Executive Director of RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network. So, Steve, there's a certification for the home energy survey professional. Tell me just what is a home energy survey professional.

Steve Baden: Well we call it HESP to save some language, but what it is is an individual that's trained to do a survey, energy survey the home. Many times it's called an energy audit. We like to call it energy assessment.

So, you go through and look at the basic aspects of the home. What's the insulation like, what's the HVAC systems like and then comes up with some recommendations that the homeowner can easily make. It's a good entry level to get a homeowner to understand how the home is operating and what's more exciting for a career is that this is a good entry level for a person to get into this whole field of building performance.

And so this is something that can actually lead to becoming a certified whole house analysis such as a home energy rater. But, more and more, as energy prices are increasing, consumers are wanting to know what their house shapes up. This is what this survey does. They come into the home, work with the homeowner and comes up with some easy solutions and things they should be looking at.

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