RESNET or BPI Certification?

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Dallas Jones: Hi, I'm Dallas Jones with Green Training USA. I'm sitting here with Steve Baden, the Executive Director of RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network.

Steve, I have people ask me all the time, should I become RESNET certified or BPI certified? How would you answer that question?

Steve Baden: I don't think that's really a question you need to worry about because in today's economy the more tools in your belt the better chance your business is and I think they both have their benefits. It's rather a question of what is your business model and what your customer is.

They have different needs. For instance, if it's a homebuilder of course you want to go to RESNET. If the utility program is going to be BPI, of course, you want to go through BPI.

But what's nice about it is having both is that you don't have to chose. And they are very affordable processes that you can get into and as the world goes on, there's going to be more and more opportunities. For instance, there's certain bills at Congress today that would provide for homeowners to improve the efficiency of their home based upon either a BPI or a RESNET process.

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