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About BOMI

What is BOMI?

Founded in 1970, BOMI International is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational institute that has earned a reputation as the trusted property and facility educational resource for top corporations, government agencies, property management firms, unions, and trade associations.

BOMI is known for its industry-standard designations which act as letters of credibility in various industries, ensuring employers that prospective and current employees holding BOMI International designations are properly trained and have the experience to perform their jobs at the highest level. More than 26,000 building professionals hold one or more BOMI International designations,

Green Training USA currently offers three courses required to earn BOMI’s Systems Maintenance Certification (SMC®) designation.

Why BOMI Certification?

BOMI International’s world-renowned professional educational programs make perfect business sense. Our industry-standard certifications, including the  Systems Maintenance Certification (SMC® Certification), ensure that property and facility professionals have the critical knowledge and skills needed for personal and organizational success.

Benefits to You:

BOMI’s consistent, high-quality educational programs add significant value to the industry by increasing teamwork, efficiency, client satisfaction, cost savings, and safety.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Graduates are more confident and able to take on additional job responsibilities, increasing productivity and reducing cost per employee
  • Decrease maintenance expenses by 1% to over 10%*
  • Increase bottom-line results and the pace at which business goals are reached*
  • Better position the organization for success and gain recognition *
  • Increase your earning potential by enhancing career opportunities and prestige
  • Gain undergraduate credit from top colleges and universities by completing BOMI International courses
  • Earn LEED continuing education credits with an approved USGBC Education Provider

* Results from an internal 2009 survey of graduates and a 2010 survey of corporate clients as recorded on BOMI’s website.

Find a BOMI Course That's Right for You.

Green Training USA offers the following courses for students working to earn  BOMI’s Systems Maintenance Certification (SMC®) designation: