Why Become a BPI Analyst?

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Dallas Jones: Hi. I'm Dallas Jones with Green Training USA and I'm here at Washington, D.C. with Larry Zarker, the Executive Director of the Building Performance Institute.

So Larry, I have people ask me all the time what's the value of getting a building analyst certification from BPI?

Larry Zarker: The building analyst certification is the mainstay of home performance contracting. It's really the premier designation that helps us understand how a house is performing.

It uses diagnostic equipment to understand airflows, to know whether or not there's combustion safety problems, and this is the energy audit that adds to it to compensate the concept of testing.

So this it the kind of certification that anyone who wants to go into home performance contracting needs.

Dallas: Got it. There you have it. So if you haven't signed up for a Building Analyst course, now is the time. Go to Green Training USA.

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