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HERS Rater Exam

Purchase the HERS Rater Exam for re-test or re-certification. $275

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RESNET Sim Practical

Existing HERS Raters are required to pass the simulation exam before July 1, 2017.

The simulator comes with one year access and students must schedule and take their proctored exam within that time. $325 Learn more

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Combustion Safety & Workscope Written Exam

Take the exam as a re-test. $250

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RESCaz Simulation & Exam

Includes 1-year access to the RESCaz Simulator and 1 attempt at the RESCaz Simulation Practical Exam. $325 Learn more

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Re-Take RESCaz Simulation Exam

You must have access to the RESCaz Simulator. $150 

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Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP)

Purchase the HESP Exam for re-test or re-certification. $175

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