SPF Assistant Exam Prep Course (8 NATE CEH Credits)

NATE-Approved for 8 NATE Continuing Education Hours (CEH)

Learn about spray polyurethane foam while earning 8 NATE-approved continuing education hour (CEH) credits. Access the course 24x7 for 90 days - even on your cell phone! Go at your own pace. Start and stop when you want. It couldn't be more convenient!

Optional Certification

Learn about spray polyurethane foam insulation equipment and job set-up, substrate preparation, material handling and staging, and more. Upon completion of the course you will be prepard to challenge the optional SPF Assistant certification exam (exam fees extra). 

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Course Package Includes:*

  • 8 hours of online multimedia training with video instructor (90 day access)
    • Available 24/7 • Learn at your own pace • Review as often as you like
  • Study guide
  • Practice exam questions
  • NATE-recognized certificate of course completion
  • 8 NATE-approved continuing education hour (CEH) credits (you must submit your certificate of completion to NATE to receive your credits)
  • Our 300% Iron-Clad Success and Satisfaction Guarantee

* All course materials are online or downloaded. No materials will be shipped to you.

WhY Take This Course

  • It's easy to earn 8 NATE CEH credits toward the 16 CEH credits required by NATE to recertify.
  • The course is NATE-approved for CEH credits.
  • A NATE-recognized certificate of course completion is emailed to you. Simply submit the certificate to NATE in order to receive your CEH credits before your certification renewal date.
  • With this course there's no exam and no studying. Just watch the online course modules to earn your credits!
  • The course is all online. Log in from anywhere you have internet - even on your phone! (iPhone or Android).
  • Watch when it's convenient for you. No rush either - you have 90 days of access. That's 3 months!
  • It's all online, so there's no need to waste time travelling or missing work, and no lost revenue.
  • Nobody wants to fight traffic after a long day, just to sit in a classroom with a bunch of people who don't want to be there.
  • This course was developed in partnership with SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance) and serves as the official exam prep course for the SPF Assistant Certification Exam.
  • This course provides all the training you need to successfully challenge the SPF Assistant Certification Exam (optional - exam fees extra).

Topics Covered

  • Basic Knowledge of Spray Polyurethane Foam
  • SPF Chemical Health and Safety
  • Jobsite Health and Safety
  • General Health and Safety

Why Train With Us?

  • No Travel Time & Expense
    With online training there's no travel time or expense, no time away from your family, and no time away from work. The average company loses around $500/day for each employee missing work. Can you afford that?
  • Flexibility
    Study when you want, where you want.
  • Learn at Your Own Speed
    Our online training is self-paced, so you can learn at your own speed and review anything at any time. With classroom learning, the instructor may go too fast or too slow for you, and you don't get the chance to review until you're completely lost.
  • Skip Previously Completed Content
    For future training, you can skip the modules you've already taken and spend your time learning the new material.
  • Consistency
    Our online instructors never have a bad day, never fumble over an explanation, and never cancel class.
  • Help When You Need It
    If you have questions, an instructor is just a phone call or email away! And our Frequently Asked Questions section has common questions asked by students.
  • Easy to Use
    If you can send an email, you can use our online learning system.
  • Education Built for Adults
    Our instructors have decades of experience teaching adults, and present the materials in multiple ways to help you understand and retain the information.
  • Earn Multiple Certifications at Once
    Our training is built in modules, and completing the modules for one certification will often cover all or most of the modules for other certifications.
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
    With our Best Price Guarantee, you know you're getting the lowest possible price.
  • 300% Iron-Clad Success & Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you don't pass your certification exam, you can take the online course curriculum again until you pass. That's peace of mind that can also save you money! Learn more >>

Watch The Course on Your Schedule

  1. Course is available immediately upon registration.
  2. Watch when it's convenient, even on your phone.
  3. Start and stop anytime and pick up where you left off.

You're in Control

This is the eaiest and most flexible way to earn NATE CEH credits. In fact, there is no schedule! You have the freedom to complete your course on your own schedule, whenever you have the time, within 90 days. That's 3 months! You can start your course immediately after registering. You will receive login instructions and your username and password by email. Watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop - our courses are compatible on all devices, iPhone or Android, Mac or PC. And this course will prepare you to take the SPF Assistant Certification Exam (optional, exam fees extra). It's superior quality training at an unbeatable price - end you earn 8 NATE continuing education (CEH) credits. Sign up today!

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Provide Proof of NATE Certification

You must provide proof of NATE certification to take advantage of these specially-priced CEH credit packages.

NATE Certification Renewal Requirements

You are responsible to fulfill NATE's certification renewal requirements as they apply to you, BEFORE your certification renewal date. See NATE's Recertification Requirements

System Requirements

See System Requirements

Optional SPFA Certification Requirements & Information

If you are interested in pursuing your SPF Assistant Certification, please see SPFA's certification requirements. (Exam/certification fees are not included with this course).

Register Now  Course Package: $125

* Proof of NATE membership must be provided upon request in order to take advantage of this specially-priced course.


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