DOE Weatherization Crew Chief
- Course Outline

Course Outline

Role of the Crew Chief

  • Understand the many responsibilities of the crew chief.
  • Identify who the crew chief interacts and communicates with.
  • Learn about expectations of the crew chief in order for weatherization to be successful.

Motivational Communication Leadership Skills

  • Recognize that good teaching is a critical part of effective crew management.
  • Be exposed to basic adult learning principles that will make them better teachers.
  • Become familiar with some teaching guidelines to help the crew learn quickly and retain the knowledge.

Effective Crew Management

  • Learn the basic leadership skills needed to effectively manage a crew.
  • Recognize the steps in problem solving and the importance of problem-solving skills.
  • Practice scheduling workdays for effective use of time and resources.
  • Learn tips for motivating a crew to work effectively as a team, and enjoy doing it.

Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

  • Understand the importance of keeping track of tools and equipment.
  • Understand the importance of equipment maintenance and its effect on production.
  • Know how to involve crew members in tool maintenance and accountability.

Materials Tracking

  • Understand the role of the crew chief in keeping track of materials.
  • Understand how a perpetual inventory system works.
  • Become aware of the relationships between the crew chief and other weatherization staff in maintaining material accountability.
  • Learn various methods for assuring material accountability.

Warehousing Materials

  • Learn methods of efficient warehouse design and organization.
  • Become aware of effective truck and trailer storage options.
  • Understand the criteria and cost benefits of purchasing in bulk vs. ordering small quantities.
  • Understand order points in relation to job scheduling.

Building and Safety Codes

  • Learn about codes and rules affecting weatherization activities.
  • Learn about practical solutions to code and rule-related issues.

Maintaining Quality Control

  • Understand that quality control (QC) is a systematic process.
  • Be aware of work site QC methods.
  • Be introduced to basic QC equipment.

Ongoing Training

  • Be exposed to basic adult learning theory.
  • Discuss one-on-one training scenarios.
  • Practice group problem solving.

Safe Work Practices

  • Understand basic workplace safety requirements.
  • Learn simple workplace safety management methods.

Understanding a Work Order

  • Become familiar with basic work order components.
  • Learn simple materials procurement methods.
  • Understand how to correct work order errors and oversights – Discuss methods to cope with site discovered problems.
  • Practice planning job flow.

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