Why You Should Look For Video Testimonials

Jun, 14 2013 18:06
Why You Should Look For Video Testimonials

We’ve all done it – we’ve checked out a product or service online, and then clicked “Recommendations”, “Reviews” or “Testimonials” to see what others are saying about it.  And why wouldn’t we?  If that lawnmower is going to break down in two weeks, I want to know from someone who tried it first.  If the course I want to take has a fantastic instructor who mixes the written curriculum with real-world practical examples, I want to know so I can sign up!    

Written testimonials can be easily faked

Traditionally, testimonials have been written by customers and posted on a company’s website.  When this was the only way to do it, it was good enough.  We had to trust that what was written was accurate, and that it was truly written by a customer.  We also had to trust that the testimonial hadn’t been edited to include just the one or two good things someone said, while omitting the six things that went wrong.

See their faces, hear their voices

But in this day and age, there is a better way to go, that more and more companies are using – the video testimonial.  These are video messages of real customers sharing their experience with you.  You can see their faces.  You can hear their voices.  And you can decide if the product or service is right for you.

Why are video testimonials better?  Because they allow you to make a connection to other people who have done what you want to do, and you can judge them and their honesty because it’s laid out in front of you.  

Are they being genuine?

You’re more likely to be able to tell if someone is being shifty by watching what they say instead of reading it.  You’ll be able to see their body language, the expression on their face and hear the tone of their voice.  If they are being genuine, you’ll know it.  If they truly loved the service, you’ll know it.  If they felt it was really good value for money, you’ll know it.  If they’re truly excited by their experience, you’ll know it.  And then you can choose it too.

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