US Military Cuts: Programs Offer Veterans New Career in Energy Efficiency

Apr, 10 2013 12:04
US Military Cuts: Programs Offer Veterans New Career in Energy Efficiency edit  content

Washington, DC, January 6, 2012 – The cuts to military spending announced today by US President Barack Obama means more troops returning home to America and looking for work. In an effort to help veterans return to civilian life, the US Government is sponsoring free education and training programs to help get veterans back to work. A main area of concentration for training is in green jobs.

More than $9 million provided through the Veterans Workforce Investment Program will be used to help 4,000 veterans become re-established in America. The training focuses on residential energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric power and clean-running vehicles.

“This is an excellent opportunity for our veterans to get back on their feet, with free training subsidized by the government,” says Dallas Jones, President of Green Training USA, a national training organization participating in the program.

Many veterans are either unaware of the programs at their disposal, or they don’t know how to take advantage of them. Furthermore, they may not know what their new career will look like on a day-to-day basis.

“The green industry is a relatively new industry and it’s unfamiliar to many people. We encourage any veterans who might be interested to discuss the opportunity with our career counselors,” says Jones.

Upon completion of the training, veterans are ready for work as green professionals. Some may choose to work for established companies, but others may want to start their own business. “We’ve set up a business program for our graduates to make it easy for them to start their own business.”

The program, called Home Energy Team, provides everything required to start and run a business in energy efficiency. “We even provide business coaching to help our affiliates run a profitable business,” says Jones, noting that discounted pricing is available for veterans.

A smaller military overseas means more veterans competing for jobs here in America. With government subsidized free training and turn-key business programs like Home Energy Team, veterans with little or no business experience can land on their feet with a new career in a growing industry.

Green Training USA is a national training organization for the building performance industry, providing “green” certification training and continuing education to individuals, colleges, trade associations, national manufacturers and big box stores. With instruction available online, in the classroom and in the field, training can be tailored to the student’s individual needs in the commercial or residential green markets. Career advisors help guide students to the most suitable training curriculum to meet their needs, and assist them to apply for workforce training grants and incentives.

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