Phoenix Takes On HERS Index Score

Mar, 22 2014 20:03
Phoenix Takes On HERS Index Score
Across the country, cities and counties are adopting the ​HERS Index Score as a way to measure how buildings are complying with energy codes. Phoenix is one of the latest cities to adopt the HERS Score as a way to measure compliance in this area – good news for those who are interested in energy efficiency, and good news for the Arizona economy.

RESNET Raters Certifying Buildings In Phoenix

According to the new code, compliance to energy building codes in Phoenix can now be confirmed in writing by a Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) certified energy rater, and any building with a score of 73 or less will be deemed to be in compliance.

HERS Index Score Is Used Nationwide

Phoenix is just the next on the list of communities which have adopted the HERS Index Score to measure energy efficiency, and who has approved RESNET to further test for measures of efficiency with their certified energy raters. Other jurisdictions already using RESNET services include those in Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York and more.

The Value Of the HERS Index Score

The HERS Index Score is being used more and more because:

  • RESNET has established vigorous and proven national home energy ratings standards, and has been accredited by the American National Energy Standards Institute (ANSI) as a Standards Development Organization.
  • RESNET professionals follow the organization’s strict training and testing procedures.
  • RESNET standards are recognized by the federal government (US Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and Internal Revenue Service) and the mortgage industry
  • The HERS Index Score is an industry-trusted measure of the energy performance of a home.

With more and more communities mandating the use of RESNET certified raters, contractors and service providers, it just makes sense for energy efficiency professionals to get certified as ​RESNET HERS Raters​RESNET EnergySmart Contractors or ​RESNET Home Energy Survey Professionals. RESNET certified contractors and raters are among the most highly respected energy professionals in the industry.

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