Omaha Public Power District Using HERS Index Scores

Aug, 24 2022 10:08
Omaha Public Power District Using HERS Index Scores

Edited in Augist 24, 2022

The Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) is a large, customer-owned utility in Nebraska that serves 13 counties in the east and southeast of the state.  It has over 350,000 customers, and it’s committed to minimizing its environmental impact and serving its customers in the greenest way it can.

That’s why the OPPD has now committed that all the homes in its Certified High Performance Homes Program will be energy rated and have a HERS Index Score. It’s the latest in a growing list of programs using the HERS Index to measure energy efficiency.

HERS Index is Industry Standard

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard used to measure a home’s energy efficiency.  It’s a nationally recognized index that gives homeowners information on how efficiently their home is operating – especially after making modifications – so they can get a true value of their energy savings.  

  • Last year, 28% of all new homes sold in the US received a HERS Index Score.
  • Over 1.3 million homes in the US have been issued a HERS Index Score.
  • Over 200 local code jurisdictions use the HERS Index for code compliance.
  • The largest US production builders are marketing their homes’ HERS Index Score to consumers.

Better HERS Index Scores Mean Higher Sale Prices

The Home Building Professionals of Greater Omaha worked with local Realtors to work the HERS Index Score into the Omaha MLS.  This is crucial because realtors, appraisers and buyers can use this information when searching for a house.  

This information is also useful for sellers to include because homes with lower HERS ratings often sell for high prices because of anticipated savings by the buyers on energy bills. Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin also use HERS Index scores in their MLS systems.

RESNET Energy Smart Program

Because of their commitment to using the HERS Index Score on their new homes, the OPPD has been designated as a RESNET Energy Smart Program.  To be included in this program, builders commit to having the homes they build be energy rated, to market the homes using the HERS Index Score, and to then become RESNET Energy Smart Builders.  

RESNET Means Credibility

Because of RESNET’s reputation, and the fact that RESNET’s standards are recognized by the federal government, joining the RESNET team gives the OPPD a stable platform – and a certain amount of credibility – as they move their newly built homes towards being more energy efficient.   

Demand for Home Energy (HERS) Raters is Growing

As the popularity of the HERS Index grows, there’s a growing need for RESNET Home Energy (HERS) Raters. To find out more, call Green Training USA at 1-800-518-1877 for a free career consultation, or visit our Home Energy (HERS) Rater Training Page.