Home Remodeling: Less Flash, More Energy Efficiency

Jun, 5 2013 16:06
Home Remodeling: Less Flash, More Energy Efficiency

When someone says “I want to remodel my home,” the first things we think of are kitchens and bathrooms.  And with good reason, as they are the rooms most used in the home, and are often big selling features when the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up on the lawn.

Remodeling to Save Energy

But there’s been a trend in recent years towards upgrades that are less flashy, but will help the homeowner save money – and make money in the long run.  Those upgrades are the ones that make the house more energy efficient.

According to the most recent survey of homebuyer preferences by the National Association of Home Builders, at least 90 percent of homebuyers who responded wanted Energy Star-rated windows and appliances, and an overall Energy Star rating for the home.

Energy Efficiency is a Win-Win

This is good news all around.  It’s good news for the homeowners who will save money by living in energy efficient homes.  It’s good news of all of us concerned about the environmental impacts of energy consumption.  And it’s excellent news for those in green businesses, such as contractors and home energy auditors.  Energy efficiency is big business, and it turns out to be a win-win for everyone.

Between 2005 and 2009, the Department of Energy’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey found that while the total number of households in the United States increased by 2.5 percent, total residential energy consumption fell.  And there’s no doubt that increases in energy efficiency have something to do with that drop.

Efficient Homes Are More Desirable to Buyers

New homes tend to be more energy efficient than older homes, but lower energy bills can be enjoyed by all homeowners – particularly those in older homes in the colder and hotter regions of the country. Upgrading these homes with energy efficient features can save homeowners money, and make their homes more desirable when it comes time to sell.

Energy efficiency used to be the way of the future, but that future is now.