Energy Efficiency and Jobs

Nov, 1 2013 00:11
Energy Efficiency and Jobs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced over 630 new projects under the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). These projects will work across the country to help businesses increase profits while furthering the Obama Administration’s commitment to energy security and environmental sustainability.

Energy Efficiency Projects

Under this administration, the USDA has already used this program to support 7000 energy efficiency projects. Many of these projects were aimed at small-medium sized farms, ranches or rural businesses.

Upgrades and Energy Savings

These grants will help rural producers and businesses with things like installing wind turbines, solar hot water tanks for washing produce, solar panels for producing electricity, upgrading structures like barns and rural homes to make them more energy efficient, and other big ticket retrofits and equipment purchases that may not have been possible without government support.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

These programs won’t just help rural farmers, ranchers and businesses produce more and save more, but they will spur the growth of jobs around the country in the green sector for those who provide these upgrade and retrofit services. And it’s a positive feedback cycle – as the farms get more efficient and save more money, they can grow. And as they grow, they can put more money into being efficient.

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