Water Damage Restoration Technician

This Course is Recognized for 9 DElaware Home Inspectors CE Hours

water damage restoration technician training course

The Water Damage Restoration Technician course is a fact-based training program for front-line workers responding to water damage in homes and other buildings.

By successfully completing this course, you will learn the information you need to safely perform water damage restoration while working under a supervisor’s direction. You will be prepared to pass the Council-certified Residential Structural Dryer (CRSD) certification exam from the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).

The course covers the types of water damage events, how to respond to water damage, working healthy and safe, personal protective equipment, containment construction, equipment types, cleaning techniques, engineering controls, and more.

This course takes approximately 18 hours to complete. It is broken into 43 modules of varying length. There are quizzes at the end of each module and a 50 question practice final exam.

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Who Should Take This Course

  • Those interested in a new career
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Real estate professionals
  • Water damage restoration company staff
  • Facilities management companies
  • Handyman companies
  • Commercial cleaning companies
  • Apartment managers and their staff
  • Government facilities staff

Topics Covered:

  • Module 1 – History of Water Damage Restoration
  • Module 2 – Overview of Water Damage Restoration Guidelines & Standards
  • Module 3 – Water Damage Contaminants
  • Module 4 – Background on Bacteria and Mold
  • Module 5 – Understanding Particulate
  • Module 6 – Health Effects
  • Module 7 – Building & Material Science
  • Module 8 – Restoration Technician – Being a Professional
  • Module 9 – Water Damage Restoration Process Overview
  • Module 10 – Psychrometrics
  • Module 11 – Drying Fundamentals
  • Module 12 – Engineering Controls
  • Module 13 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools - Part 1 (Extraction)
  • Module 14 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools - Part 2 (Air Movers)
  • Module 15 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools - Part 3 (Dehumidifiers)
  • Module 16 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools - Part 4 (Heat Generating Equipment)
  • Module 17 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools – Part 5 (Moisture Meters)
  • Module 18 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools – Part 6 (Thermo Hygrometers)
  • Module 19 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools – Part 7 (AFDs – Checklist, etc.)
  • Module 20 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools – Part 7 (AFDs – Checklist, etc.) – Hands-On
  • Module 21 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools – Part 8 (Vacuum – Checklist, etc.)
  • Module 22 – Equipment, Instruments, and Tools – Part 8 (Vacuum – Checklist, etc.) – Hands-On
  • Module 23 – Restoration Equipment Sizing
  • Module 24 – Removal of Non-Restorable Materials
  • Module 25 – Restoring Salvageable Materials – Structural
  • Module 26 – Restoring Salvageable Materials - Building Materials and Assemblies
  • Module 27 – Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Module 28 – Containment Construction Overview – Tools & Materials
  • Module 29 – Containment Construction Overview – Containment Types
  • Module 30 – Containment Construction Overview – Preparing the Work Area
  • Module 31 – Containment Construction Overview – Entry, Exit, and Waste Load-out
  • Module 32 – Containment Construction Overview – Entry and Exit Construction
  • Module 33 – Water Damage Restoration PPE
  • Module 34 – Water Damage Restoration PPE - Part 2
  • Module 35 – Water Damage Restoration PPE – Hands-On
  • Module 36 – Safety and Health – Part 1
  • Module 37 – Safety and Health – Part 2
  • Module 38 – Contents Evaluation and Restoration
  • Module 39 – Pricing Water Damage Restoration Projects
  • Module 40 – Job Scenario – Case 1
  • Module 41 – Job Scenario – Case 2
  • Module 42 – Job Scenario – Case 3
  • Module 43 – Exam Review

 Learn From The Best

joe_hughes_mold_instructor_2Joe Hughes has over 30 years field experience helping people live and work in healthy buildings. He is the President of IAQ Training Institute (IAQTI) and co-host of the IAQ Radio podcast. Joe was inducted into the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Hall of Fame in 2016. IAQTI is the longest tenured IAQA-approved training provider having provided IAQA approved training programs on indoor environmental consulting and remediation since 2001. IAQ Radio is a weekly interactive podcast on IAQ, disaster restoration, home performance and building science issues. It has been downloaded and streamed in over 60 countries for over 13 years.

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This course is approved for the following
Continuing Education Credits:

DE Home    Inspectors CE    Hours
9 9 8 9


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* Proof of Delaware Home Inspectors license must be provided upon request in order to take advantage of this specially-priced course.

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