CASH for CLUNKER Lighting is a program developed to assist American business owners with the U.S. Department of Energy’s ban on inefficient fluorescent tubes, which went into effect on July 14th 2012. 

cash for clunker lightingCASH for CLUNKER LIGHTING
 covers the cost of the banned fluorescent tubes, as well as the cost of proper disposal of the toxic tubes and ballasts, and the cost of a Return on Investment (ROI) Lighting Assessment.

The program is specifically for U.S. businesses choosing to save 60% or more on electricity costs by retrofitting with energy efficient American Made LED Tubes to replace the banned T12 fluorescents. The Program includes a $0 down financing option with cash flow positive results from the first month.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are still over 900 million T12 tubes still in use today.

By taking the Commercial Lighting Assessor Course for $595 (now only $495 for a limited time only), you can qualify to become an Authorized EAGLE LED Reseller immediately upon completion - and become eligible to participate in the CASH for CLUNKER LIGHTING Program. When you register, enter the coupon code "eagleled" to receive your $100 discount.


1. The Cost of T12 Tubes

CASH for CLUNKER LIGHTING pays businesses what they originally paid for their T12 fluorescent tubes (up to $4 for 4' tubes or shorter and up to $8 for tubes over 4'). If records are not available from the date of purchase, the program administrators will provide a replacement value based on current market retail prices. The payment is made as a rebate netted against the final cost of the LED replacement tubes.

2. The Cost of Proper Disposal of T12 Tubes and Ballast

CASH for CLUNKER LIGHTING absorbs this cost directly. In the event that the Qualifying Business manages the installation or contracts with a third party, CFC-Lighting pays up to $.10 per linear foot per tube and up to $.50 per ballast for proper disposal. CFC-Lighting reserves the right to schedule pick-ups and coordinate the disposal upon mutual approval of scheduling with the Qualifying Business.

3. The Cost of Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment

CASH for CLUNKER LIGHTING provides analysis through Members of our Authorized Reseller Network. The LED Lighting Retrofit Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment produces a Saving Report for review by property owners and managers.

Qualifying Businesses can choose to submit the key assessment data such as the total weekly hours of run time on the lighting, the cost of electricity per kWh, the length and wattages of the tubes, and the size of the facility. If companies also provide the name of the utility company, the Rebate team will assess the incentive opportunities.

Take the Commercial Lighting Assessor Course for only $495 and become an EAGLE LED Reseller upon completion

(Enter "eagleled" coupon code when registering for $100 discount)

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