8 Reasons to Choose Green Training USA

1. Our Unique Blend of Online and Onsite Course Delivery

  • Benefits Include...
    • High Quality e-Learning –Our video professor never skips a topic, never stumbles over an explanation, never cancels class and never has a bad day.

    • Self-Paced – Learn at your own speed; repeat any sessions you didn’t understand the first time.

    • Live Support – An instructor is just a phone call away!

    • Start NOW – Begin the online sessions immediately; no need to wait for a class date.

    • No Travel Required – Spend time studying instead of driving back and forth to class.

    • Hands-On Training Near You – After completing the online sessions, attend an interactive, in-the-field workshop led by an experienced practitioner.

2. High Pass Rate – We combine real-world expertise with best practices to deliver material in a way that ensures most students pass their certification exams the very FIRST time!

3. 100% Success Guarantee – Just in case you don’t pass your exam the 1st time, re-take the course at no additional charge until you do; It’s the ultimate back-up plan that can save you $$$.

4. Complete Course Packages – Includes Study Guides, Practice Exams, Books and Materials, Exam Fees and Provider Fees if applicable (Packages vary by course).

5. Real World Business Experience – Our instructors have audited and weatherized over 1000 homes, and draw upon their practical experience to train you for success in business.

6. Multiple Certifications at Once – Many of our courses will prepare you for multiple certifications at the same time.

7. Post-Training Support – Get access to energy audit software, innovative marketing strategies and a turn-key business solution.

8. Competitive Prices – Greater value at a consistently low price.