Be a RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor

Differentiate Your Company with 3rd Party Credibility

Having the EnergySmart Contractor designation sets you apart from your competition, and gives homeowners as well as energy auditors confidence that you can competently install energy improvement measures. Take the 1st step by completing our self-paced, 8-hour online course to become familiar with energy principles and building shell fundamentals, to understand the home as an inter-related system, and to learn the relevant work scope standards. Once Qualified, your company is eligible for promotion to consumers on RESNET's Contractor Directory.

Free CEQ Provider Services for the First Year

As an Accredited Contractor Education and Quality (CEQ) Provider, Home Energy Team Institute is authorized by RESNET to deliver the training, proctor the exam, and provide your company with the requisite quality assurance oversight, including the independent consumer complaint resolution process. When you purchase our online course, we will waive the $149 Annual CEQ Provider Fee for the 1st year.

Add the HESP Course To Your Order & Save an Additional $199

We highly recommend that contractors have at least one individual become certified as a RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) who can perform walk-through assessments of general energy performance problems. Our 16-hour HESP e-Learning module is normally $399. Purchase BOTH courses for only $599.

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About Us

Because Home Energy Team Institute is the nation's premier training provider for home energy professionals, BPI and RESNET have accredited us as an educational partner. Our online modules have been professionally designed for an optimal but affordable learning experience. Our advanced courses are combined with regional hands-on sessions with experienced instructors. We will quickly teach you all the necessary energy audit and retrofit skills to diversify and grow your business.

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RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor Course

Regular Price: $399 Special Intro Price: $299 Register Now

This 8-hour e-Learning course will prepare you for the RESNET Qualified Contractors Exam. The course is divided into 2 modules for a total of 9 sessions and covers all the foundational building energy fundamentals and retrofit work scope requirements and recommendations.

A RESNET Qualified Contractor is credentialed to work in concert with certified auditors to complete home performance improvement work in compliance with RESNET's work scope standards of practice. Once qualified, the contractor is eligible for listing on the RESNET Registry of Qualified Contractors and can proudly display the RESNET Energy-Smart logo on his website and marketing materials

Begin the online course immediately and take up to 30 days to complete. When finished, Home Energy Team Institute will send you the link to take the RESNET Contractors Exam online and provide your certification.

Course Details/Agenda

Topics covered include:

  • Basics of heat transfer concepts and air distribution leakage
  • The energy consequences of common construction practices
  • Basic Combustion Appliance concerns
  • Basics of envelope and duct leakage, air sealing and insulation
  • Understanding of thermal boundaries
  • The House as a System - Basics of measure interaction, expected life and bundling for optimal performance
  • RESNET retrofit work scope requirements and recommendations

Benefits of the course

At the end of the course, students will be ready for the RESNET Qualified Contractors Exam and be qualified to include optimal home performance measures in their existing contracting business.

Course Materials

The course is all on line and includes practice exam questions. For added enrichment, purchase a copy of the textbook, Residential Energy by Krigger and Dorsi below in our Books & Guides section.

Who should take this course?

  • Contractors who perform services related to any of the following: HVAC, insulation, air sealing, remodeling, windows and doors, siding, plumbing, handyman, solar, IAQ, roofing, home automation
  • Homebuilders who want to work with Raters to build EnergyStar Homes

Prerequisite Requirements

None; some knowledge of residential construction practices is beneficial


Our introductory tuition is only $299 and includes the complete 8-hour RESNET Qualified Contractor e-Learning module AND the CEQ Provider fee for the 1st year.

The RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor designation is a company credential. We highly recommend that contractors also have at least one individual become certified as a RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) who can perform walk-through assessments of general energy performance problems and make basic recommendations for home improvements or further analysis. Our 16-hour HESP e-Learning module is normally $399. If you purchase both courses together, 4 hours of overlap are eliminated and you can prepare for both certifications in 20-hours.

Save $199 by purchasing BOTH the HESP and the Qualified Contractor courses for only $599. (click here for more information or see below)

Exams & Fees

The fee for the RESNET Qualified Contractors Exam is $50.

The RESNET membership fee is $150 per year.
Listing your company on the RESNET Directory of Qualified EnergySmart Contractors is $250 per year.

Please refer to the Required Certification Exam & Fees section for more details.

**** For further assistance, please call 1-800-518-1877 ****

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