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Residential Energy Efficiency, Code and Building Science Classes

  • Becoming a Building Science Expert A foundational understanding of how buildings work as a "system" to maximize energy efficiency, comfort, durability, and safety.
  • Maximizing Performance with Unvented Attics Demystifying one of the best ways to build a residential or commercial building, including a user-friendly explanation of the international building code requirements for building ducts in conditioned...
  • Energy Code Mastery (IECC 2021) A user-friendly update and look at key elements of the IECC, with short detours into the IRC, so attendees will leave feeling much more confident designing, building, and inspecting to the code's requ...
  • Energy Program Knowledge Builder Learn about the most popular energy efficiency programs which are successfully marketing and incentivizing "the best of building science" and energy efficiency to the home building market.
  • Energy Efficiency Products Decoded (Part 1) - Building Envelope Gain a stronger understanding of energy efficiency products related to the building envelope: insulation, radiant barriers, slab edge insulation, SIPs, ICFs, and other alternative walls systems.
  • Energy Efficient Products Decoded (Part 2) Systems Gain a stronger understanding of energy efficiency products related to building systems: lights and appliances; water systems; heating, ventilation, & air conditioning; onsite power generation.
  • Water Efficiency & the Water-Energy Nexus Learn the current state of both water conservation and efficiency with a look at popular water saving products, national residential water conservation programs, and understand the "nexus" between wat...
  • Success with ENERGY STAR Learn a little history about the ENERGY STAR for Homes program and what it takes as a builder to join and be successful at labeling homes as ENERGY STAR.
  • NextGen & Zero Energy Ready Homes Learn all about the ENERGY STAR NextGen and Zero Energy Ready Home programs and what it takes as a builder to join and be successful at both.
  • Success with Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Construction (Part 1) Gain a foundational understanding of the basics of building science with special emphasis on construction details specific to multifamily residential buildings.
  • Success with Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Construction (Part 2) Learn about energy saving products included in a large utility provider’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (MEEP), the importance of “right-sizing” HVAC systems, federal tax incentives for multif...
  • Energy Code Mastery (IECC 2024) A user-friendly look at the key elements of the latest version of the IECC released for 2024, with short detours into the new 2024 IRC, so attendees will leave feeling much more confident designing, b...
  • Energy Efficiency in Home Inspections This class will help Home Inspectors to more fully appreciate the details that make a home "energy efficient" so they can call them out when incorrect, adding more value to each inspection, and delive...
  • Learning Edge Live (Q & A) A monthly opportunity to get answers to your most burning questions about building science, energy efficiency codes and programs as well as energy efficient products and homes.
  • The 5th Element of Home Ownership, Saving Green Means Money An informative and entertaining overview of the basics of building science and home energy efficiency and secrets to maximizing the value of selling energy efficient, “green” homes that will create cl...
  • PRODUCT SHOWCASE, Cutting edge energy efficient products for buildings Industry and product experts provide a closer look at cutting edge energy (and water) efficient products for buildings.


Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) Available

  • American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI)
  • International Code Council (ICC)
  • Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)

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Student Testimonials

"Classes with Daran are always a pleasant learning experience! I enjoy the way the presentations flow; each topic is covered for an adequate amount of time and questions asked are always thoroughly answered." - Abigail Burson, Capitol Light 

"Daran is engaging, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend his classes!" - Elizabeth Sanfelippo, Brayn Consulting

"Daran brings an outstanding amount of experience and knowledge to the subject matter and includes lots of real-world examples. He's an outstanding presenter - clear, concise, easy to understand." - Tom Abraham, Fulton Homes Corporation

"He gives more information, ideas, and assistance than expected. He is someone we all need to learn from. One word is AWESOME. I plan to attend every class he offers!" - Frances Miller, HomeSmart

"Daran's classes are always full of interesting information, and he's great at presenting large amounts of information in a short amount of time." - Jason Jacobs, UniSource Energy Services

"I have participated in just about all (if not all) of Daran's courses and all of them have been equally interesting and Daran is one of the most knowledgeable presenters for this material." - Bob Graffius, City of Chandler