Interviews With Radon Experts

Approved for 4 NRPP CE Credits

This online course presents audio interviews with respected experts in the radon field providing valuable information and insight on a variety of topics of great interest to the radon industry.

See below for a list of topics and radon industry experts whose interviews are included in this course.

The course package includes a downloadable course certificate, available upon completion of the course.


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Interview Topics & Experts

The following interviews are included in this course:

  • "Health Effects of Radon" - William Field, PhD - Univ of Iowa
  • "Radon and the Home Inspector" - Steve Gladstone - Stonehollow, Inc.
  • "Real Estate Testing" - Ralph Holmen - National Association of Realtors
  • "QA/QC" - Phillip Jenkins, PhD, CHP - Bowser-Morner, Inc.
  • "Radon in Water" - Jerry D Lowry, PhD - Lowry Environmental Engineering
  • "Continuous Radon Monitors" - Richard Manning - Femto-Tech, Inc.
  • "Physics" - Leo Moorman, PhD - HMM, Inc.
  • "Activated Charcoal Devices" - Shawn Price - Air Chek, Inc.
  • "Electret Ion Chambers" - Paul Kottrapa, PhD / Rick Stieff - RadElec, Inc.
  • "Alpha Track Detectors" - Mark Salasky - Landauer, Inc.
  • "Variability of Radon in Homes" - Dan Steck, PhD - St. John's University
  • "Measuring Radon Decay Products" - Ian Thomson - Thomson Nielson




Course Package: $55

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