BPI Exams & Prep Materials

bpiExams and prep materials for certification renewal
or re-test, for BPI Building Analyst, BPI Building Envelope, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst, and BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector (QCI).

Did you know you can avoid the written re-certification
exams with 30 CEU credits
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To register, contact Bronwyn Bates at (410) 986-5427 or BBates@bccc.edu 

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Prep Materials

  • BPI Building Analyst Field Exam Prep Video

    Learn how to perform all the tasks required to pass the *NEW* BPI Building Analyst Field Exam. Includes our Field Exam Checklist to follow during your BPI field exam. $75 for 90-day access. Learn more >> 


BPI Analyst
  • BPI Building Analyst WRITTEN Exam  $275
  • BPI Building Analyst FIELD Exam  $475
BPI Building Envelope
  • BPI Building Envelope WRITTEN Exam  $275
  • BPI Building Envelope FIELD Exam  $475
BPI Multifamily Building Analyst
  • BPI Multifamily Building Analyst WRITTEN Exam  $275
  • BPI Multifamily Building Analyst FIELD/PRACTICAL Exam  $275
BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector (QCI)
  • BPI HEP QCI WRITTEN Exam  $450
  • BPI HEP QCI FIELD Exam  $1095

To register, contact Bronwyn Bates at (410) 986-5427 or BBates@bccc.edu

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* See BPI's Certification Renewal Policy